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Lama Tashi Dondup

pic-lamatashi.jpg (14787 bytes)Lama Tashi Dondup is the founder of Karma Tekchen Zabsal Ling. Besides teaching and leading dharma practice, his artistic skill is found in every corner of the Shrine room of the Centre.

  • A Biography of Lama Tashi Dondup
    Lama Tashi Dondup was born in Lodrag, Tibet in 1952. His father’s family were descendents of Dagmema, the wife of Marpa Lotsawa, who lived in her family house for generations. The family followed both the Kagyu and Nyinma traditions. In each generation a "natural siddha" appeared. Lama’s great-grandfather was one of them. (More Information)

  • The Shrine in Karma Tekchen Zabsal Ling
    The Shrine in the Center was a creation by Lama Tashi. It is a Mandala of the Thousand Arms Chenrezig. In the centre is the statute of the 1000 Arms Chenrezig surrounded by tormas** and traditional offerings. (More Information)

  • Lama Tashi’s Mandala
    is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle". Mandalas are symbols of the Universe and its energy. Tibetan monks create these archetypal templates to remind us of the cycle of life and death. (More Information)

  • Lama Tashi’s Art Work
    Lama Tashi created tormas as permanent offerings to the Thousand Arm Chenrezig Mandala Shrine. (More Information)


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