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Our Visions

The Karma Tekchen Zabsal Ling of Toronto was founded by Lama Tashi Dondup in 2002. The name of the Centre in Tibetan means "the skilful manifestation of the profound (Zab) and the clear (Sal) Tantric/Vajrayana aspect of the Mahayana (Tekchen) Teaching".

Our Centre is currently starting at the ground level. The Very Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche is our Honorary President and Lama Tashi Dondup serves as the Vice-President.

The goals of our Centre are to:

* Encourage the study and practice of Buddhism;
* Offer teaching and instruction on practices based on great masters of the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism;
* Provide a place for taking refuge, and for developing and strengthening our aspiration to live a meaningful life along the Buddhist path;
* Support projects undertaken by masters of the Kagyu Lineage worldwide.

Our Centre offers regular activities of Puja, meditation instructions and practice, and Nyungne and Dharma Teachings. All activities are open to members and non-members, Buddhist and non-Buddhists. A Refuge ceremony is offered for those who wish to formally practice as Buddhists.

By becoming a member of Karma Tekchen Zabsal Ling, you will actively support programs and projects led by Lama Tashi Dondup. The Centre obtains its operating expenses primarily from its members and sponsors. Your donations will help the Centre to fulfil its goals.

We warmly welcome you to discover our website. We like to hear your comments and suggestions. Contact us if you simply want to be on our mailing list.

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