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Numerical system of Pythagoras numerology

Numerical system of Pythagoras numerology able to determine: how many times a particular person lives on earth, what he has achieved in the previous life. Aristotle wrote this: Pythagoras son Missarha originally devoted himself to studies of mathematical sciences, especially arithmetic, but then could not refrain from miracles of Pherecydes. ... In some ancient sources was found Pythagoras conversation with a Leone, in which the sage likens the human race people gathered at the Olympics: some compete for honors and glory, others came here to benefit buy or sell, and others to watch the whole thing. So in real life, some are the glory, the other money, the same few people who, ignoring all this, engaged in the study of nature, called themselves lovers of wisdom, i.e. the philosophers.
For everyone - high and low - from Pythagoras was a wise saying: It should be avoided by all means, cutting fire and sword and all that we can, from the body - a disease of the soul - an ignorance of the stomach - Excess, from the city - confusion, from home - and strifes, and from everything together - the excesses. All these ideas can help you better understand the numerical structure of peace on Pythagoras. Kabbalah Numerology is based on Hebrew alphabet. Knowledge of this tradition came from Sefarialu (Walter Horn-Aldana, 1864-1929), who studied the ancient manuscripts.
 In 1913 Sefarial published his findings in a two-volume work, which he called "The Kabbalah of Numbers". In it he gives a clear and original explanation of the Kabbalah, or esoteric, numerological doctrine. It examines numerology and astrology, and shows how man's fate can be determined by its name. The details are explained in impressive relationship between numbers and natural phenomena - color, sound, movement of the planets, the cycle - and the amazing laws such as the Law of Periodicity, administering the occult (invisible) world.
He believed that although relatively easy to trace the relationship existing between man and the universe, but rather a mystical look assertion of the possibility to identify the relationship between numbers and real events. However, he was able to show that this relationship exists, and there are sufficient grounds for such an assertion, which, perhaps, may be followed by a deeper understanding and a broad assessment of the ancient key to the mysteries of the universe, which was rediscovered and partially formulated by Baron Swedenborg Doctrine of Correspondences. According to this doctrine, Matter is the extreme expression of the Spirit and Form - the final expression of power. Thus, for each spiritual force has the appropriate material form.


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